I have worked everywhere in the production process: at clients, agencies, production companies and post production facilities.
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Photography: Bill Tanaka

I am Niels Scheide, and can be labelled as u like: Production Consultant, Producer or Team Manager. It all comes down to the same point: Companies hire me to advise or realize their great ideas into great content to be used online, on TV, in print or during events.

In practice this means I will write the right approach, connect the right people, for the right budget and deliver on time. You can find some previous projects here.

While based in Amsterdam, I can work from your office or mine. As long as we surround ourselves during the project with professionals and create a good working atmosphere for the entire length of the collaboration.
From that point on, things can only, simply “work”. While finding my way from an assistant video editor, to post production coordinator, VFX Producer and team leader, I decided to continue freelance back in 2008, so I could more effectively and efficiently work for anybody who wants good looking creative content.

In addition to all this, I have an excellent sense of humor.