Yoki – Cat



Director: Ismael

“Yes Niels. I want to have a burping cat. Any more questions?”
Never have I received such an interesting brief or an exciting project. Having worked with Director Ismael before as an agency producer, Pink Rabbit now approached me to produce this spot together with the Pink Rabbit team, being on the production side rather than the agency side. Somehow, advertising agency Selmore managed to sell this crazy idea to Yoki and soon one of the most fun projects started.

Immediately we started with the character design and soon we created a sophisticated storyboard. With the help of an experienced actor, we created a small video shoot to see how an actor would approach a “burping cat” which gave us loads of reference footage. Having that footage, we carefully prepared a shoot on a nice location in the Netherlands where our actor had to act against……. nobody. Just a mark on the floor which in the end would be replaced by our cat. During the next couple of weeks, the visual effects team prepared a photo realistic fully CG cat who could easily act out what we wanted. Within two months, we delivered the spot to the internet and Dutch broadcast channels and made additional output to be used online.

In the meantime, Yoki asked their online agency, Noise Amsterdam, to integrate the cat into the new website. Having the model prepared, Noise asks me to deliver several website animations on their end as well.

Commissioned by:

Pink Rabbit




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