Peperami/BIFI – Animal Re-Launch



Director: Pierre + Bertrand

Remember the legendary campaign of Peperami in the UK? Amsterdam based agency BSUR was invited to pitch on the European account for Peperami/BIFI. From day one, BSUR created a pitch team in which I was the agency producer. Together with the creative directors, we set up the full pitch document and shortlisted production partners. We were super excited to hear that BSUR won the account which meant BSUR had to produce stills, packaging, commercials and events for the iconic brand. From the start, we hooked up with the French directing duo Pierre+Bertrand represented by NotToScale. In the next couple of months, I set the standard with the team by producing the first deliverables including the first commercial airing in the UK and Germany. As BSUR is the global lead agency, we made a library of assets to be used by other agencies spread around Europe. Once the re-development of the character (in 4 languages) was set, the team @ BSUR could continue the production on many other assets themselves. A great opportunity for me combine production and consultancy skills within one of Amsterdam finest agencies.

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