Misters: Two experienced production consultants to be your travel guide and comparator in the field of content production for video, photo, VR or any other piece of content.

Photography: Bill Tanaka

Misters is founded by Mister Niels Scheide and Mister Bart Reef. Two seasoned content producers who are in the field for 15 years in both national and international campaigns. Two minds that think alike but are very complementary in terms of skills and experience. Learn more about us by clicking our names.

We can work for your brand, at your agency or production company. We’d love to help you shape a production strategy in order to realize great and cool content in time, on budget and in the smartest and most efficient way possible.

“Production strategy?” Yes. Brands have brand strategy, an agency provides a communication strategy and media agencies cover a media strategy. Who is dealing with your production strategy? To us, production strategy means we can help you think ahead, tick the boxes of where you will be needing content and by when. We can get the right parties around the table and check if you get good value for money.

What’s in it for you? You either can make more deliverables or you can get a higher level of output for the same money you have to spend. Misters can operate as a consultant, a side kick or as the lead. We’re sure that our experience is appreciated at any position in the production chain.

We can start high-level and end at the nitty-gritty details of the actual production or we can do parts of it. Depending on your request and scale of the project Niels and Bart can work on the job together or you’ll see one of us. Interested? Contact us